Lightweight SCUBA Tanks

Lightweight oxygen cylinders for SCUBA divers

Advanced SCUBA cylinders from AMS

AMS produces high quality lightweight SCUBA cylinders for a comprehensive range of recreational, commercial and specialist diving use. Cylinders can be produced in a range of sizes and capacities to suit SCUBA system requirements.

Our SCUBA cylinders include:

  • Type 1 – all-metal aluminium cylinders

With the weight required to balance out the natural buoyancy of the diver in recreational and commercial applications.

  • Type 3 – fully-wrapped carbon composite cylinders

Lightweight, durable and with high fill pressures, these are designed for specialist and commercial diving applications.

Lightweight diving cylinders from AMS

AMS diving cylinders are durable and high pressure (up to 300 bar). They are NLL (Non-Limited Life) rated, meaning they can be used indefinitely, as long as they pass periodic testing and inspection requirements every 5 years.

Our diving cylinders are certified for use worldwide, and hold a wide range of global standards and quality assurance accreditations, including ISO 11119-2,PED (CE-marked), DOT (USA), TC (Canada).

For additional information about SCUBA cylinders from AMS, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us today.