Social Media Round Up, AMS

Welcome to December’s social media round up; a look through some of our most engaged curated content during the last month across our social media channels. Check back next month for January’s top content or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Medical Oxygen

High-Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy in the Management of Respiratory Failure – Read the Article

Exploring the Cutting-Edge of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Technology – Read the Article

Supplemental oxygen impacts the muscular response to exercise in non-hypoxemic COPD patients – Read the Article

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Catalysing New Blood Vessel Formation for Enhanced Healing – Read the Article

Increasing access to medical oxygen: Actions to ensure sustained gains – Read the Article

Respiratory Conditions

Revolutionary Study: Beetroot Juice Improves COPD Management – Read the Article

Kaftrio observed to improve lung, sinus structures on CT scans – Read the Article

What is White Lung Syndrome Spreading Globally? 5 Symptoms and Precautions to know – Read the Article

The burden of obstructive lung diseases – Read the Article

AI-powered app could be ‘revolutionary’ for cystic fibrosis patients – Read the Article

Air Quality

NASA Launches its High-Resolution Air Quality Control Instrument – Read the Article

Britain’s high streets record air pollution levels above World Health Organisation limits – Read the Article

Air pollution ties in with social inequalities – Read the Article

Lasting legacy of the Six Cities study into harms of air pollution – Read the Article

Emergency Services

Fire chiefs’ council outlines transformation plans – Read the Article

Drones / UAVs / Aviation

ZeroAvia is getting more funds, this time for its hydrogen fuel cell engines – Read the Article

Air Liquide wins contract for large-scale clean jet fuel project – Read the Article

Hydrogen-powered aircraft completes first flight and is voted Breakthrough Technology of 2023 – Read the Article

SKYCORP Technologies Secures Funding to Revolutionise Aerial Operations with Hydrogen Drones – Read the Article

Advancing Access: The Impact of Drone Delivery on Healthcare and Beyond – Read the Article

Compressed Gases

Gasworld Q4 Editor’s Picks 2023 : Global Content Director, Rob Cockerill, discusses his top three stories of the fourth quarter in 2023 – Read the Article

12 Days of Content: An interview with BCGA – gasworld european co2 summit – Read the Article

Stefania Mariani, Gasworld’s Asia-Pacific Industrial Gases Conference – Read the Article


Doosan Fuel Cell Wins “Innovation Best Practice” at 2023 Management Grand Awards – Read the Article

UK minister leads hydrogen and renewable energy firms in Chile – Read the Article

Wind-wave hydrogen production project gets backing from EC’s Innovation Fund – Read the Article

Strategic alliance among motorsport experts to boost hydrogen technology – Read the Article

EU and Canada Announce Renewable Hydrogen Collaboration Plan – Read the Article