Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen powered drone with lightweight composite fuel cylinders

AMS hydrogen cylinders for fuel cells

AMS specialise in hydrogen cylinders for fuel cell systems – providing lightweight and durable carbon composite cylinders in custom sizes to meet any system specification.

From hydrogen powered vehicles to the next generation of hydrogen fuel cell UAVs (drones), we work closely with clients across the UK and Europe to provide advanced cylinder solutions that perform in the real world.

Ultra-lightweight hydrogen cylinders

AMS Type 3 carbon composite cylinders are some of the lightest available on the market today. Cylinders also offer high pressure (300 bar) for increased capacity per kilo, enabling the creation of fuel cell systems with higher power to weight ratios.

All our hydrogen cylinders are accredited for use worldwide – and are produced to recognised global standards including ISO 11119-2, UN-TPED Pi, DOT (USA) and TC (Canada) certification. Durable, with excellent flame and impact resistance, AMS cylinders are available in either 15 year life to minimise weights, or NLL (Non-Limited Life), which can be used indefinitely subject to periodic testing.

For additional information about AMS hydrogen cylinders for fuel cells, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us today.