Social Media Round Up, AMS

Welcome to June’s social media round up; a look through some of our most engaged curated content during the last month across our social media channels. Check back next month for July’s top content or follow us on X and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Medical Oxygen

A single exposure to 100% normo-baric oxygen therapy appears to improve sequence learning processes by increasing prefrontal cortex oxygen saturation – Read the Article

Oxygen Express with 100 tonnes of medical oxygen reaches Moradabad – Read the Article

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for long COVID treatment? Few things to know – Read the Article

Medical oxygen in the spotlight: What can be done to improve access for good? – Read the Article

Regulation of medical gases as pharmaceutical products – Read the Article

Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory muscle strength can improve the prognostic assessment in COPD – Read the Article

Lung function gains, scarring decreases seen in study of IPF – Read the Article

Subclinical vascular, hemodynamic and arterial stiffness changes in adults with cystic fibrosis – Read the Article

ICL receives £10m donation to advance heart and lung research – Read the Article

NHS prepares clinicians for AI-powered COPD diagnosis – Read the Article

Emergency Services

Cumbria’s firefighters undergo training exercise – Read the Article

Lifesaving pet oxygen masks carried on all Essex fire engines – Read the Article


Aviation / Drones

3 Innovative Drone Technologies from AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2024 – Read the Article


Air Quality

The ‘One simple trick’ Paris used to reduce air pollution 40% ahead of Olympics – Read the Article

Anti-Toxin Mural Unveiled In London To Highlight Clean Air Day – Read the Article

Impact of Air Pollution on Increasing Cardiovascular Risk for Cancer Patients – Read the Article

City of London and boroughs launch air quality tool – Read the Article


Compressed Gases

“Momentum is being driven by industries” David Hurren, council member of the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), talks to Bioenergy Insight – Read the Article

Where can recovered #helium be used? – Read the Article

Do you think it’s difficult to explain what Air Liquide do? Maybe not so much after all! – Read the Article


North West to See £3.4Bn Boost and 11,500 Jobs From Hydrogen Economy by 2030 – Read the Article

OFGEM Mandates Data Disclosure for Green Hydrogen Projects in the UK – Read the Article

Hydrogen fuel-cell ebikes can be ‘recharged’ in seconds – Read the Article

The Hydrogen Council Has A New Co-chair, And He’s The Perfect Choice – Read the Article