Lightweight Composite Gas Cylinders

AMS’s high-integrity composite cylinders feature high capacity and lighter weights throughout the range.

Ultra-lightweight composite cylinder range provides unrivalled portability.

Non-Limited Life (NLL) cylinders ensure cost effective investment plans can be achieved for your business needs.

Lightweight carbon composite oxygen cylinders


AMS’s lightweight carbon composite cylinder range features an innovative carbon fibre construction.

Cylinder to show innovative carbon fibre construction

Disposable Cylinders

Disposable lightweight gas cylinders

AMS produce disposable aluminium cylinders for pure and mixed gases. We have a variety of options and fit outlet control valves as specified by our customers.

Flexible and automated production lines ensure consistency of product and delivery.

The Range

Composite cylinders are customisable to your specification. We also offer full range of Aluminium cylinders.

Lightweight Composite Cylinders specifications table