Social Media Round Up, AMS Welcome to March’s social media round up; a look through some of our most engaged curated content during the last month across our social media channels. Check back next month for April’s top content or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Medical Oxygen

Supplemental oxygen and non-invasive ventilation – Read the Article  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Beats Meds for Fibromyalgia – Read the Article Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy: when HBOT is essential – Read the Article

Respiratory Conditions

Vision Health raises 3 million Euro to finance extended COPD and asthma study for market preparation of Kata, an innovative digital therapeutic for improved inhalation – Read the Article Integrating COPD Services Results in Improved Patient Care Delivery, Study Finds – Read the Article The Best Sleeping Positions For Breathing Problems – Read the Article Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Pregnancy – Read the Article

Air Quality

New study reveals link between air pollution exposure in young adults and long COVID symptoms – Read the Article A mixture of trees purifies urban air best – Read the Article Impact of Household Air Pollution on Lung Health – Read the Article Air Pollution Linked to Development and Progression of Chronic Lung Disease – Read the Article

Drones / UAVs / Aviation

How drones for organ transportation are changing the healthcare industry – Read the Article UK Means of Compliance for Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft under Special Condition VTOL – Read the Article AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2023 Is Less than Two Months Away – Read the Article Drones in Europe: Is the Sky the Limit, or is it Regulations? From the Floor of Amsterdam Drone Week – Read the Article

Compressed Gases

Nitrous oxide retail sales to be banned under UK law – Read the Article Aramco and Linde Engineering Partner to Develop Ground-breaking Ammonia Cracking Technology – Read the Article Distillation of oxygen from the air – Read the Article How gases are affected by temperature – Read the Article Air Products on ‘systemic challenges’ of CO2 – Read the Article


Protium and partners achieve commissioning milestone for the production of green hydrogen for industry in Wales – Read the Article Energy giants join forces for ground-breaking green hydrogen venture – Read the Article Doosan Fuel Cell Develops a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Business Model Using Biogas With Kolon Global – Read the Article Industry Leaders Highlight the Important Role of Hydrogen Mobility at Policymaker Workshop – Read the Article