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With every gram of weight optimised, AMS recognizes that its ultra-lightweight, composite cylinder range provides unrivalled portability.

Lightweight carbon composite cylinders for medical healthcare


  • AMS’ high-integrity medical oxygen cylinders for homecare and hospital respiratory patients, feature high capacity and lighter weights throughout the range.
  • Ultra-light weight composite cylinder range provides unrivalled portability.
  • Non-Limited Life (NLL) cylinders ensure cost effective investment plans are still possible in the healthcare industry.

Emergency Services

  • AMS provide cylinders to meet the exacting requirements of the ambulance and first-responders’ services.
  • NLL cylinders ensure efficient investment plans are achievable.
  • We work with our customers to ensure that design specifications are matched or altered to your requirements.


*Self-contained breathing apparatus

Lightweight carbon composite cylinders for breathing apparatus


  • AMS provides industry-leading weight and safety attributes across a range of cylinder sizes to meet the specific demands of the end-user.
  • Understanding that every gram can be critical, our ultra-lightweight composite cylinder range provides unrivalled portability without compromise.
  • AMS R&D team has developed bespoke cylinder designs to complement industry standard options.

Emergency Escape

  • AMS addresses the increased regulatory demands with a range of composite cylinder solutions.
  • Cylinder sizes to meet all requirements complemented by in-house R&D. AMS works with customers to meet specific requirements.
  • Ultra-lightweight and NLL cylinders as standard.

Cylinders for Aviation

With low weight, 300 bar pressure and non-limited life, AMS carbon composite cylinders deliver unrivalled performance in a range of aviation and aerospace applications.

Cabin Safety

AMS Composite Cylinders are specifically designed to meet exacting aviation Portable Oxygen System standards and dimensions for cabin safety equipment and fixtures providing accessible, high purity oxygen for aircrew and passengers in emergency medical situations.

Cylinders can be produced in standard aviation sizes and volumes or they can be customised to meet your specific designs. They feature bespoke, integrated labelling – with logos, branding and messaging built in to the cylinder exterior.

Cylinders for aviation portable oxygen systems


Hydrogen fuel cell technology is integral to the development of the next generation of UAVs – extending the range, power and carrying capacity of tomorrow’s drones.

With low weights and high capacity, AMS carbon composite cylinders are the natural choice for UAV manufacturers looking to develop larger, longer range drones for a full range of applications.

Lightweight cylinder for UAV hydrogen fuel cell

Speciality Applications

AMS cylinders provide the perfect solution in demanding applications exceeding the needs of specialty gas and environmental monitoring markets.

  • AMS Ultra-lightweight – for ultimate portability in the field.
  • AMS High-pressure – 300 bar cylinders for greater cylinder capacity.
  • AMS Integrity – full regulatory approval, unrivalled safety record, durable external cylinder coatings, innovative internal cylinder treatments.

We provide composite cylinders across a wide range of sizes and a choice of disposable aluminium canisters and cylinders.

Various lightweight carbon composite cylinders for speciality markets