Social Media Round Up, AMS

Welcome to May’s social media round up; a look through some of our most engaged curated content during the last month across our social media channels. Check back next month for June’s top content or follow us on X and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Medical Oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy effective for radiation cystitis in pelvic radiotherapy patients: Study – Read the Article

Short-term oxygen supplementation improves exercise capacity in fibrotic interstitial lung disease – Read the Article

Medical oxygen to be integrated into health planning after landmark meeting – Read the Article

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy works? – Read the Article

The Prince of Wales has visited a centre which offers vital oxygen therapy more than 15 years since he opened the original facility – Read the Article

Respiratory Conditions

Amgen and AstraZeneca ponder label expansion for Tezspire in COPD – Read the Article

Two experimental therapies from Vicore Pharma and Endeavor BioMedicines that could provide new ways of treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) have shown encouraging results in mid-stage clinical trials – Read the Article

Pulmonary Fibrosis group fight against ‘poorly understood’ disease – Read the Article

Study Reveals Potential to Reverse Lung Fibrosis Using the Body’s Own Healing Technique – Read the Article

Conference introduces advancements in chronic obstructive lung disease treatment – Read the Article

NHS collaborative effort develops device to support children with #cysticfibrosis – Read the Article

Aviation / Drones

Lilium Expands Aerospace Operations into France – Read the Article

Airbus Prepares To Start Testing H3 Dynamics’ Hydrogen APU on A330 Airliner – Read the Article

Skyports Expands in UAE with New Partnership with Ras Al Khaimah – Read the Article

NASA on Advanced Air Mobility Integration – Read the Article

Top UAV Experts Meet at UNVEX24 – Read the Article

Levelling the Playing Field, Drone Data and More – Five Takeaways from AUVSI XPONENTIAL2024 – Read the Article

Air Quality

Air Pollution Links With Heart Disease Highlighted In New Global Study – Read the Article

Ships in some UK port cities create more air pollution than cars – Read the Article

Compressed Gases

Margaux Rifkiss and Yohan Peter meet Air Liquide employees – Read the Article

Nitrous oxide, where are we now? – Read the Article

Do you know the Air Liquide Foundation? The Foundation Air Liquide supports research, jobs-integration and solidarity projects – Read the Article


Intelligent Energy unveils new #hydrogen #fuelcell to unlock a zero-emission future for passenger cars – Read the Article

Linde Signs Agreement with H2 Green Steel to Supply #IndustrialGases to World’s First Large-Scale Green Steel Plant – Read the Article

Air Products’ Eric Guter, Global Vice President, Hydrogen, to Provide Keynote Address at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Las Vegas on May 20 – Read the Article

Is producing clean #hydrogen from seawater a pipedream? – Read the Article

Air Products Plans to Convert Fleet of 2,000+ Diesel Trucks to Hydrogen – Read the Article