Medical oxygen cylinders are an essential part of modern healthcare and homecare. From providing pain relief, to reducing incidences of infection, supporting resuscitation, aiding with effects of heart failure and treating breathing problems – oxygen plays an indispensable role in the world of medicine. 

With constant innovations in the ever-evolving medical landscape, the way in which patients receive treatment, and providers deliver care are continuously improving. The spotlight, therefore, is directed on healthcare solutions that can offer patients and providers truly exceptional features.

In this blog, we explore what to look for when sourcing medical oxygen cylinders, to provide the best solutions for providers, prescribers and patients. 

Light Weights and Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Medical gas cylinders are used around the globe to deliver oxygen therapy for patients at home. The emphasis, therefore, is on their portability. 

When patients depend on medical oxygen, it is important to prioritise all aspects of their health, including their independence. Lightweight oxygen cylinders have revolutionised the treatment of oxygen therapy, as patients are able to enjoy their freedom. They can travel, be outside of the home without cumbersome equipment, and can live unrestricted by inflexible and heavy cylinders.  

High Pressure Oxygen Cylinders

Higher pressures mean higher capacities – which delivers a number of practical benefits. These high-pressure cylinders hold up to 300 bar – meaning that the oxygen storage capacity is substantially increased.

Portable oxygen tanks with high pressures require fewer refills – a great advantage for both patients and providers. With extended intervals between refills, patients can experience an enhanced continuity of care. Simultaneously, providers benefit from optimised operational efficiency, minimising logistical challenges and costs associated with frequent cylinder replacements. 

Providers With A Range of Solutions

Look for a medical oxygen cylinder provider that can offer a range of cylinders, in a variety of sizes and types. Diverse patient needs and provider contact models call for different solutions. The spectrum spans from large Type 1 and Type 2 cylinders, tailored for hospital and healthcare use, to lightweight and portable Type 3 cylinders, ideal for homecare settings.  

AMS Composite Cylinders aim to provide a full selection of solutions for healthcare and homecare applications, including both off-the-shelf cylinders and customised solutions. Every patient’s journey is unique, and the ability to tailor oxygen delivery systems to individual requirements showcases a commitment to personalised care. With a full range of sizes available, at AMS, we help providers to ensure that patient needs are met comprehensively.

The Right Medical Oxygen Cylinder Approvals and Quality Standards

Medical oxygen cylinders are medical devices, and purchasing cylinders that meet stringent quality standards and approvals is essential. This means purchasing the right cylinders, made and certified to the right standards and accreditations. These change based on location. 

Look for Rho ρ marking in the UK, DOT in the USA and TC in Canada. Other recognised global quality standards include ISO and EN.

Responsive Service and Delivery

The journey of medical oxygen doesn’t end with the production of the cylinder – it extends to a provider giving exceptional service and reliable delivery. The hallmark of a dependable provider is their ability to cater to the fluctuating demands of the healthcare sector. Whether it’s hospital deployments or homecare requisites, the supplier’s capacity to deliver medical gas cylinders in the required quantities on schedule should be a key consideration.

In 2023, the medical landscape demands providers who seamlessly bridge the gap between supply and demand. Providers who excel in this aspect become the go-to partners for healthcare facilities and medical oxygen providers, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that places patient care right at the heart.

Medical Oxygen Cylinders from AMS Composite Cylinders

As we embrace all the innovations of 2023 and look foward to 2024, medical oxygen cylinders are becoming the pillars of patient-centred care. With the fusion of lightweight design, high-pressure capabilities, versatility, compliance with standards, and impeccable service, new medical gas cylinders are giving rise to a new standard of excellence. 

AMS Composite Cylinders supplies a full range of advanced, state-of-the-art lightweight portable oxygen cylinders, including 3L Type 3 cylinders – backed up by extensive and world-leading research and development teams.

Supplying to customers across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America – AMS are providing industry-leading quality, reliable service, and short lead times. 

AMS Composite Cylinders produces cylinders to a wide range of recognised global standards and holds accreditations in all major markets worldwide. Manufacturing cylinders to ISO and EN standards (Including ISO-11119-1, ISO 11119-2, EN12257, EN12245, ISO 7866, ISO 11118) and requirements of ISO 9001, UN PED/TPED, DOT (USA) and TC (CANADA). AMS Composite Cylinders hold Rho ρ marking for the UK.

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