Social Media Round Up, AMS

Welcome to November’s social media round up; a look through some of our most engaged curated content during the last month across our social media channels. Check back next month for December’s top content or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Medical Oxygen

Q&A: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy led to ‘significant cognitive improvement’ in Long Covid – Read the Article

In this blog, we explore what to look for when sourcing medical oxygen cylinders, to provide the best solutions for providers, prescribers and patients – Read the Article

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Soft Tissue Injury in Open Musculoskeletal Trauma: A Prospective Study – Read the Article

Respiratory Conditions

Detecting biomarkers for deadly lung disease – Read the Article

Mother’s anxious wait over daughter’s CF drug-funding decision – Read the Article

Cystic fibrosis: What next for the ‘wonder drug’ Kaftrio? – Read the Article

The Impact of Pulmonary Rehabilitation on Mental Health and Quality of Life in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A Narrative Review – Read the Article

World COPD Day: Can COPD patients exercise? Here’s what the experts say – Read the Article

Air Quality

Pneumonia: Symptoms To Watch Out For And How Growing Pollution Can Worsen Lung Health – Read the Article

Study uncovers no compelling evidence that air purifiers prevent respiratory infections – Read the Article

Exposure to Air Pollution Changes the Way Our Airways Behave – Read the Article

Air Pollution affects brain, leads to anxiety, decrement of cognitive ability – Read the Article

Emergency Services

SCDF to introduce remote air tank monitoring for firefighters in 2024 – Read the Article

Drones / UAVs / Aviation

In a first, a major airline will cross the Atlantic without fossil fuels – Read the Article

UK Civil Aviation Authority Launches Hydrogen Challenge to Explore Potential of New Aviation Fuel Type – Read the Article

Hydrogen-powered aircraft to beam down 5G from above in new trial – Read the Article

Japan Airlines and ZeroAvia to Partner on Exploring Hydrogen-Electric Flights in Japan – Read the Article

Heven Drones Introduces H2D200 Series, a Hydrogen-Powered Drone Line, at Monaco Hydrogen Forum – Read the Article

Compressed Gases

BCGA issues revision for safe handling and use of medical gas cylinders – Read the Article

Air Products’ Chief Operating Officer, Dr Samir J. Serhan on COP28 and Why it’s Important – Read the Article

Linde Recognised as Sustainability Leader by S&P Global – Read the Article

Air Products is Generating a Cleaner Future – Read the Article

Linde Engineering presenting High-Performance Membranes – Read the Article


How can #hydrogen power trucks with zero emissions? – Read the Article

4 Things to Know About Hydrogen-Powered Port Equipment – Read the Article

Air Products to Build Europe’s Largest Blue Hydrogen Plant and Strengthens Long-term Agreement – Read the Article

Simple hydrogen refuelling with Intelligent Energy – Read the Article