Speciality Gas Cylinders – Customised Solutions for Every Application

The global speciality gases market is growing fast. To meet this demand, there are now more solutions that ever before when it comes to gas cylinders.

At AMS Composite Cylinders, we supply standardised and bespoke carbon composite and aluminium cylinders for a full range of speciality gas applications, including research, analysis, calibration, manufacturing and process control.

In this post, AMS Composite Cylinders Technical Director, Tony Morrin, explores our offering – looking at the product range, and exploring some of the features and benefits of our speciality gas cylinders.

A range of cylinders

When it comes to speciality gases, there really is no one-size fits all cylinder solution.

AMS Composite Cylinders produces both Type 3 carbon composite and Type 2 aluminium cylinders. All our cylinders can be specified in a range of dimensions, pressures and capacities – specifically designed to meet different challenges and applications in the speciality gas sector.

Type 3 – Fully Wrapped Carbon Composite

AMS carbon fibre-wrapped composite cylinders are the lightest and strongest cylinders available on the market today. Smaller and higher pressure than competing products, they deliver real practical benefits in terms of improving the portability of field test equipment, and accessing emissions stack sampling locations.


Manufactured with a 6000 series aluminium liner, these cylinders are approved for use as a ‘global’ cylinder (ISO11119, UN-TPED (π) and DOT/TC). They are non-limited life – meaning they can remain in service indefinitely, as long as they pass the periodic testing procedures.


Type 2 – Aluminium

 We also offer an extensive range of cost-effective aluminium cylinders – designed for applications where weight and high service pressure are less integral. Manufactured to ISO7866 or ISO11118 and approved to UN-TPED (π) and DOT/TC, they are suitable for use worldwide.


Bespoke solutions

 In cases where we do not have a suitable standardised product, our technical and manufacturing team works with customers to develop a bespoke solution. We have real freedom in terms of design, and can manufacture cylinders in a wide range of dimensions, pressures and capacities to fit the requirements of every application.


Internal treatments for speciality gases

One of the key challenges is creating a solution that effectively protects the integrity and stability of the speciality gases inside.

Many expensive gas mixtures and high purity single gases can become absorbed by the internal cylinder walls. In addition, trace contaminants inside the cylinder can lead to varying gas purity as the cylinder empties.

At AMS, we offer a range of unique, specialised internal treatments designed to minimise this degradation, whilst improving gas stability. The result is a more consistent purity and a longer gas lifespan.

Single Use and Refillable

We provide specialist solutions designed for both ultra-high purity single and calibration gases – offering both single use and refillable cylinders to suit the needs of every application.

For corrosive, poisonous, flammable or explosive gases, our range of disposable, single use aluminium cylinders are available in a range of configurations and sizes. For less volatile mixes, we also offer fully refillable and reusable cylinders as a sustainable, long-term solution.

All aluminium cylinders can be easily recycled to minimise the ecological and environmental impact of their use.

Speciality Gas Cylinders from AMS Composite Cylinders

AMS Composite Cylinders supplies a full range of advanced, lightweight gas cylinders to customers across the UK and Europe.

Products include carbon composite and aluminium cylinders for a wide variety of applications, including healthcare, respiratory, SCBA, laboratory, emergency, aerospace, hydrogen fuel cell and environmental uses.

Carbon composite cylinders offer high pressure (300 Bar), low weight, and NLL (Non-Limited Life) performance, and are accredited for use worldwide, in line with ISO 11119-2, UN-TPED Pi, DOT (USA), TC (Canada).

Additional information about AMS Composite Cylinders Ltd can be found at www.ams-composites.com.


Article written by Tony Morrin. Director of AMS Composite Cylinders Ltd.

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