Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

At AMS Composite Cylinders, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards across our global operations.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any kind of unethical business behaviour – and this runs through our entire supply chain. As part of this commitment, all of our suppliers around the world must sign up to The AMS Composite Cylinders Supplier Code of Conduct to do business with us.

This policy is updated regularly, and sets out the standards we expect from our suppliers across a range of different areas. Suppliers who fail to comply with the code, or are found to be in breach of these standards can be suspended or terminated.

The Standards Explained

The AMS Supplier Code of Conduct covers a range of different areas of business, and defines the requirements that all our suppliers worldwide must adhere to.

The principles set out in the cover 6 main areas:

  • Human rights

  • Fair labour conditions

  • Health, safety and environmental management

  • Business ethics

  • Security

  • Procurement

The same principles apply to all our suppliers. The principles are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they reflect the latest best ethical practice.

In addition to the supplier code, suppliers to AMS Composite Cylinders must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the country they are based.

Accountability, Inspection and Enforcement

To ensure that suppliers comply with the code, we expect all our suppliers to keep records of all relevant documentation, and to provide us with all relevant information in a timely manner when request.

We reserve the right to audit and inspect our clients’ operations and facilities. Should we discover that a supplier is failing to comply with the code of conduct – we then take action. Depending on the nature of the non-compliance, suppliers may be given a deadline to take the necessary corrective actions.

In more serious cases, or in cases where suppliers fail to take appropriate actions in a timely manner, we may take further action – including suspending or terminating supplier contracts.

Additional information

To request a copy of the latest AMS Composite Cylinders Supplier Code of Conduct, please contact us today.

Alternatively, for additional information about our CSR policies, manufacturing practices or supply chain, please get in touch with a member of our team on +44 (0) 114 213 3379 or email today.