“We’re always looking for ways to improve our systems, and AMS cylinders tick a lot of boxes. In terms of performance, they conform to all the relevant standards, and they are lighter than competing cylinders, which translates to real-world tactical benefits for our users. The clean, white design complements the look and feel of our products.

“From a commercial point of view, the competitive pricing means we can cut costs without any compromise, whilst the Non-Limited Life rating ensures better lifetime value for our customers.”

Ross Clucas, MD of Clucas MoE

At AMS Composite Cylinders, we specialise in the production of durable carbon composite cylinders designed for applications where light weights are essential.

From portable SCBAs for firefighters, emergency service and rescue applications, to lightweight hydrogen fuel cells that power cutting edge drones, our cylinders are used by customers worldwide, across a huge range of industries.

Recently, we began supplying a range of 1L and 2L canisters to Clucas MoE, a global leader in rapid entry systems. The cylinders are used to power the Kerie thermal lance, an advanced thermal arc cutting systems designed to cut through steel in the fastest time possible when forcing entry.

Lightweight Performance for High-Risk Applications

Clucas’ Kerie thermal lance is designed to enable rapid entry to premises in high pressure and demanding situations. The company supplies systems to military, government agencies and law enforcement worldwide, who need to force entry quickly by cutting through metal doors, steel barriers, rebar and locks.

In hostile situations, such as drug raids, ship boarding and rescue operations, every second counts. Operatives need to be able to move and react quickly, without being weighed down or encumbered by heavy equipment. Portability, durability and safety are paramount, especially with systems involving the use of pressurised oxygen.

Choosing the right gas cylinder for the job is an essential part of Clucas’s product development efforts, and that’s where AMS Composite Cylinders came in. Our Type 3 cylinders are non-limited life, lightweight, extremely durable, and offer 300 bar of pressure – which translates to lighter, easier to use and safer equipment in the field.

Peerless safety and durability

Clucas thermal arc cutting equipment is often deployed in extremely dangerous environments – systems need to be extremely robust, and able to withstand impact and piercing damage. When searching for the right cylinder, Clucas needed equipment that could stand up in the field, without being too bulky.

AMS carbon composite cylinders offer peerless safety performance. They are put through a rigorous safety testing process, part of which involves them being shot! Should the cylinders suffer damage, they leak, rather than burst, reducing the risk of fire and impact damage to the operator.

The cylinders are also very light – offering a saving of around 50% when compared to contemporary aluminium cylinder. For operators working in physically demanding, dangerous environments, every gram counts. Reducing the weight of the load-out means better portability, increased agility and easier operation.

About Clucas

With offices in the UK and Europe, Clucas MoE are a global leader in rapid entry systems – its products are used worldwide by militaries, government agencies and emergency services.

They pioneered the ‘Kerie’ Cable – an essential aspect of their world-leading Thermal Arc cutting equipment that cuts through steel faster than any other product on the market. The company continually invests in product development, integrating new technologies and advanced components such as AMS Composite Cylinders into its systems to increase the performance of its products.

Additional information about Clucas MoE can be found at https://clucas.com/

Lightweight Carbon Composite Cylinders from AMS

AMS Composite Cylinders produces an advanced range of lightweight, composite gas cylinders for a wide range of applications.

Our durable, high performance cylinders offer high pressure (300 Bar), NLL (Non-Limited Life) performance, and are accredited for use worldwide – holding a wide range of quality assurance accreditations, including: ISO 11119-2, UN-TPED Pi, DOT (USA) and TC (Canada).


Additional information about AMS Composite Cylinders and our products can be found at www.ams-composites.com.


This blog was written by AMS CC Director Dr Steve Langron