Why are portable oxygen cylinders so important?

One of the most significant limitations for individuals with respiratory issues who require oxygen therapy is mobility. 

Heavy cylinders, limited oxygen capacity, and existing breathing difficulties can make travelling a real challenge!

So is there any way around this?

In this blog, we explore the limitations of many oxygen cylinders available on the market, before looking at the lightweight, portable oxygen cylinders that can bring back basic freedoms and independence to patients while creating more possibilities for providers.

The Limitations of Traditional Type 2 Oxygen Cylinders 

Little choice and a lot of compromises. 

Oxygen therapy is an essential part of treatment for patients with long-term respiratory issues such as COPD.

However, many medical oxygen services only offer patients a single type of cylinder – usually, a Type 2 cylinder with a 2L capacity. While these cylinders have a place in both homecare and healthcare facilities, they are distinctly limited in terms of portability and capacity. This puts individuals dependent on medical oxygen at home at a significant disadvantage. 

Faced with a choice between capacity and weight, patients often have to compromise. Two litre Type 2 cylinders simply do not have the capacity required for patients looking to travel significant distances – whereas larger Type 2 cylinders will simply be too heavy for patients to carry while travelling. 

Type 3 Oxygen Cylinders – Benefits for Patients 

Basic freedoms, what are they, and how do we return them? 

When it comes to oxygen therapy for home users, portability is a real priority.  

For patients with respiratory conditions, the ability to travel, go for long walks, or even step out to the shop is immensely valuable, granting them a sense of normalcy and independence. 

Finding a lightweight and high-capacity alternative can therefore, be life-changing for patients living with respiratory issues. 

Portable cylinders with larger amounts of oxygen mean patients no longer have to be confined to their homes. They are  easier to carry, operate and reduce the fear of running out or the need for constant assistance.

The right lightweight, high pressure, Type 3 carbon composite cylinders can deliver the balance of portability and capacity these patients need. 

For example, a larger 3L Type 3 oxygen cylinder from AMS Composite Cylinders is light enough to be classed as portable – weighing less than 4.5kg when paired with the valve, cannula and bag. With 300 bar of pressure, it holds 900 litres of oxygen. This could reasonably be considered a full day’s supply – empowering patients to travel significantly further than when using other solutions. 

Benefits for Providers

Diversifying cylinder fleets with the addition of lightweight, high-capacity oxygen cylinders could also offer significant value to medical oxygen providers.

Diverse contracts and different healthcare trusts in the UK and Europe function in a variety of ways. Under some contracts, providers are paid per patient, while others, per delivery. For providers paid per patient, being able to offer larger, higher capacity 3L cylinders carries financial benefits, allowing service providers to maximise profitability and improve sustainability by making as few deliveries as possible.

Having a mixed fleet of cylinders can also put providers in a better position to pitch for new work while innovating existing services. 

This is particularly relevant for oxygen providers under contracts that include innovation clauses. By introducing new cylinder types to existing services, and communicating the patient benefits, medical oxygen providers can prove they are meeting the requirements of service innovation.

Moreover, high-capacity yet lightweight oxygen cylinders also offer functional benefits as they are easier to manage, take up less space and offer a reduced need for frequent restocking. These cylinders can reduce the number of refills, saving money and time over the long term. 

Lightweight Cylinders for Patients from AMS Composite Cylinders 

Oxygen without compromise. 

At AMS Composite Cylinders, we offer type 3, 3L lightweight, high-capacity, high-pressure (300 bar) oxygen cylinders.

Developed using the latest technology, these portable oxygen cylinders allow patients to break free from the confinement of their homes and engage in everyday activities without having to worry about fatigue, breathlessness, or running out of oxygen. 

Portable oxygen tanks can significantly improve overall well-being, mental health and sense of normalcy for patients reliant on oxygen therapy. 

Portable Oxygen Cylinders from AMS Composite Cylinders

AMS Composite Cylinders supplies a full range of advanced, state-of-the-art lightweight cylinders using the latest technology – backed up by extensive and world-leading research and development teams.

Supplying to customers across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America – providing industry-leading quality, reliable service, and short lead times. 

AMS Composite Cylinders produces cylinders to a wide range of recognised global standards and holds accreditations in all major markets worldwide. Manufacturing cylinders to ISO and EN standards (Including ISO-11119-1, ISO 11119-2, EN 12257, EN12245, ISO 7866, ISO 11118) and requirements of ISO 9001, UN PED/TPED, DOT (USA) and TC (CANADA).

AMS Composite Cylinders hold Rho ρ marking for the UK.

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